Instrument connector

Instrument connector

The instrument connector is one of the most important high pressure connections. These precision instrument connections are used with various applications in important industries such as petrochemical, oil, gas and water. The structure of the instrument connector is such that it can be used in multi-material systems. The meaning of multi-material systems is piping that is made of several different materials. Instrument connectors are called stainless steel fittings. Such instrument connections are very useful for changing the direction of fluids in pipelines. In the future, stay with us with the editorial staff of Alborz Part Jahan to introduce you to the details of this valuable and practical piece.


Connectors are one of the most famous instrument fittings. These hydraulic connections have a low leakage level due to their special structure. The instrumentation connector is attached to the tubes.

Instrument connector application

As mentioned, instrumentation connectors are used to branch off instrumentation tubing. Another use of the instrument connector is to blind one of the pipe branches. Union connector is also used to change the pipe diameter. Providing multiple and different paths for the passage of various fluids in piping is another application of the instrument connector.

All types of instrument connectors

The instrument connector is divided into different types in terms of performance. But in general, the instrument connector can be divided as follows.

Male Connector
Female connector

Another type of instrument connector is the Union Connector, which we have reviewed in a separate article. For more information, you can refer to the page about getting to know Union Connector.

Main components

In general, the instrument connector or fitting consists of the following components:

Front ferule or Front ferule
Back Ferule

Ferrule fitting has a special way of working. This is so that when the nut is tightened, the specially designed front ferrule moves towards the body of the pipe or tube. Sealing happens in this case. In the instrument connector, the rear ferrule is also designed in such a way that by biting the pipe, the entire connection is fixed.

The material and type of instrument connector

Because of their importance and sensitivity in the piping industry, connectors for precision instruments must be produced with the highest quality in our country. The material of these fittings is standard 316 stainless steel. Instrument connectors or instrument fittings are machined from forged bars. On the other hand, stainless steel with material and standard SS316 is one of the most popular materials for making connectors of precision instruments.

انواع کاکنکتور ابزار دقیق UNION CONNECTOR

Necessary standards for instrument connectors

All instrumentation connectors must conform to NORSOK M-650 as well as EC79 standards. ASTM A479 and ASMESA479 and a276 standards are also followed for the manufacture of instrumentation connectors. On the other hand, the forges mentioned above also use materials with the following standards to produce precision instrument connectors:


Finally, the material of all connectors of precision instruments is according to ISO15156 and NACEMRO175 standards.

operating pressure

In order to be able to use the Qiq tool connector for all tubes with different thicknesses, the working class of all precision tool connectors is 6000.

The most widely used instrument connector

The instrument connector has many different shapes and structures. But in the following, we introduce some of the most commonly used fittings:

Buy precision instrument connector

When buying a connector, one of the most important criteria is choosing and paying attention to its material. To buy a union connector, you need characteristics such as dimensions, pressure and fluid temperature. For necessary free consultations, contact our colleagues at Alborz Part Jahan Company.

The price of instrument connectors

You can contact our collection to get information about the price of all types of connectors for precision instruments. Our colleagues will inform you about the price of the instrument connector according to your project after assessing the needs and checking the instrument connector.