Forge tee

What is a forge tee?

Forged Tee or Tee Tee is one of the most widely used forged fittings in the industry. This part is one of the most widely used high pressure connections, which is used to change the path of pipes and divide the main flow. There are various types of forged tees that are made according to the customer’s needs. The distribution of fluids through these forged tees varies by size, construction material, and angle. One of the most widely used tees is the ribbed compression tee.

سه راهی فورج یا سه راهی تی (forge tee)

Forged tee angle

Forge tee is designed and produced in different types in terms of size, connection angle and material. Tee tees are divided into two groups, 45 degrees and 90 degrees.

Material and type of tee design

At Alborz Part Jahan company, tees are produced in different designs and materials, which we mention:

Iron tees

Cast steel

Stainless steel


Forged non-ferrous tee




سه راهی فورج از انواع اتصال فشار قوی

Forge Tee Sizes

The tees are divided into equal and unequal or unequal categories in terms of size.

Equal tees are actually tees whose three sides are the same size.
An unequal tee or an unequal tee is a connection whose three sides are different in size.
Tees in terms of connection:

The way to connect the forged tee is in four ways: silence, threads, welding and flange, which we will explain below:

Flanged forged tee

Flange tees are made of steel with ASMEE 1.3 standard. These high pressure fittings are used for high pressure pipes. At the end of these forging connections, 3 flanges are welded.

Tee of silence

Silent tees are high pressure forging fittings, which include two types, metal silent tees and polymer silent tees. Silent polymer tees have a lot of variety. But among the most widely used ones, we can mention the Polica polymer silent tee and the five-layer Percy tee.

High pressure gear tees or threads

As we said at the beginning, gear high pressure tee is one of the connections that is widely used in various industries. Its difference with a silent tee is that it does not require welding like a silent tee.

Features and advantages of three-way gear high pressure

This forged connection is produced in classes 2000, 3000, 4000. Ribbed tees are produced in different dimensions from one eighth to four inches. This type of tee can withstand both very high and very low temperatures. Among the advantages of this tee, we can mention low cost installation, no need for welding, high pressure tolerance and low repair cost.

welding tee

This high pressure forging connection is produced in sizes from a quarter inch to 48 inches. It has two types of reducing tees and straight tees. Also, welding tees have conical edges and are available in polymer models in the market.

سه راهی فورج یا سه راهی تبدیلی

Standard Forge Tee

Tees are designed for high pressure connections with ASME /ANSi B16.11 standard. Also, these high pressure connections are produced by forging method, but welded connections are sealed by welding method. It is good to know that the tees are designed for welding connections according to the ASME ANSlB16.9 standard.


Forge tee, as mentioned a little earlier, is one of the most used high pressure connections, which is used to change the path of pipes and divide the main flow. To choose tees, you should always consider important points. You can contact our consultants to choose and buy a forge tee. Alborz Part Jahan, by selling a variety of forged fittings, is trying to provide them with the highest quality and cost-effectiveness to its customers.